Sport Innovations PROSERIES 3IN1

Sport Innovations PROSERIES 3IN1

Product Highlight: PROSERIES 3IN1 

Sport Innovations PROSERIES 3IN1

Sport Innovations' PROSERIES 3IN1 blanket works on your horse from poll to tail! This therapy blanket has not only PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) but also massage and heat, all in one! Use it either pre or post a workout to let your horse reap the benefits of three therapies in one blanket. These therapies can help reduce muscle tension and increase circulation in your horse's body. It is an asset to any program that will help keep your horse limber, fit, and ready to perform.

Sport Innovations recommends this blanket for use in recovery management, pain management, muscle fatigue, muscular issues, injury treatment, "cold back" and kissing spine. Made in Germany, these products are portable, battery operated, and rechargeable.

Sport Innovations is utilized by many of the top riders in the indsutry including Isabell Werth, Adrienne Lyle, Helgstrand Dressage, Mclain Ward, Kent Farrington, Scott and Sarah Hassler, and more! To order or rent yours, contact us at today!

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