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The Distinguished Rider

Kingsley Snaffle Bridle (Black)

Kingsley Snaffle Bridle (Black)

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Beautiful, handmade bridle - made with top-quality leather. This model bridle is specially designed with and for dressage riders and has a very stylish look. The wide and super softly padded noseband, approximately 4 cm wide, has a recess at the bit. This cut-out provides more space between the bit and the noseband so that the horse's sensitive cheek cannot get trapped. This also frees the nerve path that lies under the cheekbone.

The innovatively designed headpiece is perfectly adapted to the anatomy of the horse's head; not only cut back behind the ears but also wider on top of the neck. This design ensures the best possible pressure distribution behind the horse's ears.

For extra comfort for the horse, the noseband runs over the headpiece instead of underneath. The bridle has a beautiful wave-model browband with large Swarovski crystals in silver settings. Finally, the bridle is fitted with stylish black stainless steel buckles. This bridle also features a robust closure of the noseband.

The reins are NOT included!

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