Ema Klugman

Ema Klugman

Sponsored Trainer Highlight: Ema Klugman

Ema Klugman is a young event rider with horses from Training level through Advanced. She was the highest-placed youngest rider at the Kentucky Three-Day Event in 2021 with her self-made Bendigo. In 2019, she twice received the Bromont Rising scholarship, which selected squads of young riders to compete at the Canadian Bromont CCI event and the U.S. Ocala Jockey Club event. At the Ocala Jockey Club, she recorded a third-place finish in the CCI****-L division. That performance secured her place on the Australian High Performance NEXT squad, which identifies future riders for the Olympics and World Championships. Ema has been part of the NEXT squad for the past three years. In 2020, she won the CCI***-L in Lexington on Bronte Beach, and recorded a top-ten finish on the same horse at Morven Park's CCI****-L in 2021. In 2022, she made her Nations Cup debut at Bromont CCI****-S, riding for Australia. We are so proud to sponsor such a talented young rider! 

Ema currently rides in Kingsley Aspens for the dressage phase. She says: 
"I have never gotten so many compliments on a pair of boots!"

What does Ema think of TDR and Kingsley?

"I love the community at TDR! I am honored to be involved with a woman-owned business that provides high-quality products to its customers. I also think that the customer service is top-notch-- we all know what it's like to ride in boots that don't fit, which is just no fun. The TDR team does a fantastic job making sure you get boots that really do fit you-- so that you can focus on your job and ride your horse."


Ema is currently gearing up for the Morven 4*L, which is her last big three-day event for the year. Additionally, she is in her second year of law school, and  writes regular articles for Eventing Nation. 


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