The Ideal Boot Collection

The Ideal Boot Collection

The ideal riding boot collection

We are often asked: How many pairs of boots should I own? How many pairs are too many pairs? 

While we believe there is no minimum number of pairs of boots a person should own, the ideal number includes 4 pairs.* We are NOT suggesting that ALL of these come from TDR! This is NOT a ploy to get you to purchase more boots. This is simply TDR wanting ALL of your boots to last a LIFETIME!

*Disclaimer: This is heavily dependent on how hard you are on your boots. Some might need more schooling boots to rotate through, someone else might be able to use one pair of everything for several years before having to invest in a new pair. We also understand that it is not always financially feasible to purchase this many pairs of boots. Still, we at TDR highly recommend trainers have multiple pairs of boots for the sake of the overall longevity of their boots. This is not a concrete set of rules, but rather a fun list of suggestions!

Which boots do you have in your collection? Which is your favorite?

Need tips on boot care? Here are 7 things your boot fitter  wants you to know about boot care.

Hearty Schooling Boots

The Hearty Schooling Boot

These are your everyday beater boots! We highly recommend trainers have multiple pairs of hearty schooling boots with limited adornments/textiles. When it comes to Kingsley, Paxson or Gaucho leathers are your top two choices for hearty schooling boots. Paxson leather is incredibly resilient and tough, and Gaucho is a waterproof leather, making them ideal choices for everyday beater boots.

Fun/Clinic Boots

Fun or Clinic Boots

Do you dream of hot pink riding boots? Red? Green? Crystals and other adornments? Make your fun pair of boots stand out with bright colors and accessories. These may not be your everyday boots, but if you use these for special lessons, clinics, or every once in a while, they are guaranteed to make you smile!


Show Boots

Show Boots

The crème de la crème of boots! For some, show boots are fully patent black boots. But with USDF relaxing the rules for acceptable colors and designs, we are seeing more and more creative, sparkly boots in the show ring! If you have fun/clinic boots that double as your show boots that is totally okay! Please make sure you consult with your trainer when designing show boots to ensure you are meeting USDF rules and your trainer’s expectations. 

Winter Boots

Winter Boots

No more frozen toes while you’re riding! Many boots can now be made, or already come with, the addition of sheepskin lining to keep your feet nice and toasty in winter temperatures. Due to the addition of layers or thicker breeches, we generally recommend you purchase a lace-up model or add elastic to allow for some adjustability in your winter pair of boots. 

Shop in-stock sheepskin-lined boots in the store now! Or contact us via email to order yours today!

Trail Riding Boots (OPTIONAL)

Trail Riding Boots

These might be another pair of hearty schooling boots, or a pair that you don’t mind potentially scratching up, depending on where you are trail riding. Trail riding in the woods might leave your boots vulnerable to scratches and other wear and tear. There’s always that one horse that loves to rub their rider along a tree or a bush. If that sounds like your horse…. You might want to invest in a plain but hearty pair specifically for hitting the trail.

Need help choosing if you want a hard boot or a soft boot? TDR’s Marissa explains the difference here! 

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