How to Measure Yourself for Boots

How to Measure

This is a beginner's guide to measuring!  There is a LOT more to measuring for boots than simply throwing a tape around various points on your leg, but these are the basics.

Please note that you will have more accuracy if you use a partner.  Measurements should be taken in CM/MM using a SOFT measuring tape to ensure accuracy.  We recommend that all measurements are taken while STANDING! 

However tight you hold the tape is how tight the boots will be.  If you do not want tight boots, do not hold the tape tightly!  And if you DO want tight boots, understand that your legs may pulse while they are breaking in AND you are putting a lot of stress on the zipper.  Elastic is always suggested for snug fitting boots!

After you measure, convert your size to the closest size chart with the Kingsley Size Chart.  Here is how to do that!

  1. Foot size: Generally, in Kingsley, you will be the EU size that corresponds to your AMERICAN foot size +31.  So, if you are generally a 7, for example, you are most likely a Kingsley 38.  
  2. Height:  Measure FROM the ground UP to the back of your knee crease.
  3. Calf: Measure the widest point of your calf.  You may have to measure your calf at a few different points to find where it is widest.
  4. Knee: Measure the circumference of your knee where the top of the boot will sit.  This will be below your knee cap - not on TOP of your knee cap ;)

***The knee circumference for stock boots are 2 cm less than the calf.  For example, if the calf is 35 cm, the knee will be 33 cm.***


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