Kingsley Flag Sneaker

Kingsley Flag Sneaker

Fashion Item Highlight: Kingsley Flag Sneaker

Show off your country pride with the Kingsley Flag Sneaker!

This custom sneaker can be made with nearly any national flag including, but not limited to: USA, Canadian, German, Dutch, and more! 

The following image depicts all the areas of customization for these sneakers:

This includes customization on the toecap (1), base (3), collar (4), logo patch (13), Kingsley logo application (not pictured, 20), outsole (21), laces (not pictured, 24), stitching (not pictured, 27), eyestay (29), print (not pictured, 35), and flag (53). 

The most popular rendition of the flag sneaker is the USA flag sneaker pictured above. It is a nature white base with a blue sole, blue laces, and an American flag. That being said, these sneakers can be made in any of the Kingsley leathers. Show off your country pride in style with the flag sneaker! 

This sneaker is $299 and is available in whole sizes from 36-46.


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