The Distinguished Rider Welcomes QHP, Chester Boots

The Distinguished Rider Welcomes QHP, Chester Boots

Our mission at The Distinguished Rider is to provide equestrians with the boots of their dreams, regardless of size, budget, or design, through exceptional education and support. We are committed to empowering riders with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their footwear, and fostering a community of informed, confident, and distinguished equestrians.

With this in mind, TDR is pleased to welcome QHP and Chester Boots to the TDR Boot Family. 

The QHP brand is distributed together with the brand PresTeq and various private label brands by the wholesaler Brands of Q bv from the Netherlands. Since 2005, QHP has offered an extensive range of products for both horses and riders. These boots are available in standard stock sizes (regular or wide calf), and are not customizable. We believe these boots will be great for riders on a small budget. TDR currently has the following models: Dorah (Polo boot), Haliey (Lace up boot), Yuna (Dressage boot), and Sasha (Field boot). To check out QHP boots on the TDR website, click here.

Chester Boots strives to provide footwear accessible to all equestrians regardless of size. Their custom boots are produced in the north of Portugal with total care and attention. TDR believes that Chester boots are the absolute best bang for your buck in terms of custom boots.  For $599, you can customize any and all design aspects of your boots in addition to your measurements. Although the customization options are fairly limited, this is a great alternative to a $1500 boot or a boot that does not fit.  If you can't fit into a stock size, but you still cannot afford something over $700, Chester is your best bet!To check out Chester boots on the TDR website, click here.

Since its inception, The Distinguished Rider has always been proud to offer custom Kingsley boots to our clients. Kingsley, a Dutch brand, is known for its customization features and 3-D configurator. Kingsley boots are laser cut and hand stitched in the factory in Portugal. They are measured four times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the measurements are accurate. What can we say about Kingsley?  We just love the products!  These boots are known for quality, comfort, and limitless design options. Their beauty and grace is unparalleled! To start designing your boots on Kingsley's 3-D configurator, click here.

We will continue to provide excellent customer service and boot education for all clients with Kingsley, Chester Boots, and QHP. We hope that these additional brands will allow us to cater to a wider variety of equestrians, so that every equestrian can find their dream pair of boots. 

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