Demo Boots: What is a Demo Boot?

Demo Boots: What is a Demo Boot?

What is a Demo Boot?

Demo boot Deniro Vasari purple boot

When you see advertisements from a variety of different boot representatives talking about a "Demo Boot Sale" you might ask yourself; What is a "Demo Boot,” and why do they go on sale? Let's talk about it! 

What is a Demo Boot?

A Demo Boot is a boot that is owned by a dealer for a brand. These are generally used for clients to try on for foot size and to see some of the many options boot brands offer. At TDR, we do NOT use demo boots to gauge your calf size because that is NOT an accurate way to “measure” someone. We ALWAYS take measurements with the tape. Just because you tried on Susie’s boots and they fit you does NOT mean that you are the same size as Susie. Susie has worn the boot, molded it to her foot, stretched it out, and broken it in. 

Why are Demo Boots sometimes insane looking?

New features, leathers, or textiles being developed are just some of the reasons why a representative might purchase a new demo boot. Because these boots are meant to show off these new things, a representative might choose to design demos that are considered "wild", eye catching, or unique. 

Why do Demo Boots go on sale?

Demo Boots go on sale for many reasons. Typically at TDR, we sell Demo Boots that are over a year old, have small blemishes or wear from being tried on (but not ridden in), and we are looking purchase new demos. Depending on the brand, some Demos might go up for sale at any time while others are only sold during specific weeks in the year. 

Why aren’t there ever any demos in my size?

We have determined certain sizes for demos that are very commonly purchased (in some variation) for each foot size. For instance, we sell a lot of 39/MA/S so our size 39 demos will almost always be in that size. Please note that we have to purchase our demo boots, and we do not have unlimited funds to purchase every calf size offered. 

Deniro Demo boot Vasari purple

In any case, demo boot sales are a win-win for everyone! Reps will clear out some of their old models to make room for more exciting options, and riders will get the opportunity to purchase lightly used boots at a fraction of their normal cost! 

Our next Demo Boot Sale will be February 19th - 25th, 2024! Stay tuned and keep an eye on the website to check out all the sales at:

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