Brittany Davis

Brittany Davis

Sponsored Trainer Highlight: Brittany Davis

Brittany Davis, a USDF dressage rider

 Davis has been involved with horses her whole life and has focused on dressage for 19 years. Brittany is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist and has audited the "L" program multiple times. Brittany not only trains and shows her own 16-year old Lusitano gelding, Reprisal, but also trains horses and riders in Ashland, WI out of a beautiful facility. She has been a full-time trainer since 2012. Brittany trains each horse and rider as an individual; developing them in ways that bring out their strengths.  

As such, Brittany knows the value that rider's boots bring to the dressage equation. She says, "Boots are an important piece of equipment. Properly fitting boots help riders develop clearer, quieter aids and help prevent the rider from compensating and becoming unbalanced." Jessica Kaczmarek does an incredible job, not only designing stunning boots but fitting boots for Brittany and her riders. Brittany says she appreciates how prompt Jessica is answering questions not only for her but also her clients. Jessica is also supportive and encouraging. Jessica really does go "Above and Beyond" making sure everyone is satisfied with their boots and other products.
Brittany started in dressage as a working student for Tyra Vernon of Big Rock Equestrian Center eventually moving up to an assistant trainer and taking over as a full-time trainer when Tyra permanently moved to Florida in 2012. During this time, Brittany developed her own Friesian gelding, Fonger Fan Synaeda, from Training to PSG. 
To continually hone her skills both as a trainer and a rider, Brittany has extensively been working with Kate Phillips (USDF “R” Judge) since 2008. She also participates in clinics regularly including those with Martin Kuhn as well as private lessons with Cyril Pittion-Rossillon.

Brittany's 2024 goals are to continue to build strength and confidence in and out of the show ring in her Lusitano gelding, Reprisal. She also plans to "take baby steps" this summer to start her home-bred Andalusian/Lusitano cold that turns three in mid-May. She also plans to support her clients who will be competing at multiple levels this season. Brittany says: "Our team is looking forward to a fabulous 2024 season; feeling confident and stylish in boots from Jessica Kaczmarek and TDR." 

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