Christian Lowe Leather Care Liquid Saddle Soap

Product Highlight: Christian Lowe Leather Care Liquid Saddle Soap

Keep your tack clean with Christian Lowe Leather Care Liquid Saddle Soap! This is the CLLC Leather Cleaner you know and love, in a liquid form!

A pure unscented glycerine soap PH adjusted for deep cleaning of all fine leather goods. 

We recommend using this saddle soap for any leather goods, but in particular for the paxson leathers on your Kingsley boots, or other leathers that are textured. This liquid cleaner can reach deep into the cracks and crevices of these leathers, leaving your boots or leather goods looking brand new every time! 

This is one of TDR's Director of Marketing's, Linzy's, favorite CLLC products! She says: "The Christian Lowe Leather Care Liquid Saddle Soap is one of my favorite products to use because of how easy it is to use! Typically I spray my boots, bridle, and saddle with this product, then wipe with a damp rag! It is that easy, and my tack looks brand new every time, without leaving any residue!" 

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About Christian Lowe Leather Care

Christian Lowe Leather Care is handcrafted by saddler Christian Lowe in Northern Ontario, Canada. These all natural products are made in small batches to ensure quality in every batch. The Distinguished Rider is proud to support CLLC as the US Distributor for Christian Lowe Leather Care. We recommend CLLC for all your leather-based products, as well as for your equine laundry (check out the Safe Bleach and Detergents!!)! From Patent Cleaner to Zipper Glide, there is something for everyone. 

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