DeNiro Raffaello and Bellini

DeNiro Raffaello and Bellini

DeNiro Inside Front Zipper Models Explained...

The DeNiro Raffaello and Bellini are two inside-front zipper or "dressage" models made by DeNiro Boot Company. These models are both very similar, with one or two notable differences. Do you know the differences?

Lets talk similarities first! Both are...

  • Made from high quality calfskin leather and feature a fully natural calfskin leather lining
  • YKK 9mm front inside zipper
  • Backstripe with fishbone
  • Medium cut counterfort
  • Removeable insole with activated carbon which absorbs shock
  • Full leather hand constructed sole with double Vibram outsole and double stitching and gluing construction

They both also start at $1,100 and are fully customizable with DeNiro's premium leathers, top styles, foot styles, and other adornments. They both are great options for dressage riders who want a one of a kind custom boots with amazing quality and fit.

So what's those differences we talked about earlier? You might be able to see one of them!

The Bellini is made with a tapered ankle versus the Raffaello, which has a more traditional "stovepipe" non-tapered ankleTo learn more about the difference between these two ankle styles, check out this blog!

FunFact: Did you know that the Raffaello was one of DeNiro's first dressage boot models, and that the Bellini came later?

The other difference between these two models might not be noticeable to anyone without feeling the boots first! The Raffaello comes with a "standard" outer leg reinforcement panel. In comparison, the Bellini comes with a "comfy" outer leg reinforcement panel, which is not as stiff as the standard panel. Note: You can change the stiffness and height of the bow on all DeNiro premium boot models for an additional charge!

To order your DeNiro Raffaello or Bellini contact us or email us directly at! 

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