Dressage Sporthorses

Dressage Sporthorses

Sponsored Trainer Highlight: Dressage Sporthorses

Dressage Sporthorse's Maia

Dressage Sporthorses, run by Maia Barnes and Stephan Cheret, is a training and sales program focusing on making both horse and rider reach their highest dressage potential! They work with all levels of horses and riders, from Introductory to Grand Prix. DS is based in New Jersey during the summer season and Florida in the winter. This allows them to have year-round opportunities to train, learn, and compete.

From Maia: "At Dressage Sporthorses we have lots of Kingsley's, but our favorite to ride in is our team Capri boot! The Distinguished Rider gave us an amazing idea to put our logo on our boots, and we could not be more pleased with how they came out!" 

Dressage Sporthorses Kingsley boots with DS logo

Dressage Sporthorses is excited to be going to Ocala for the first time this year! Although they normally are based in Wellington, they thought it would be a great experience to see the new World Equestrian Center and get a chance to compete in new FL venues. Maia and Stephan are looking so forward to this winter to train and compete their horses!

What does Dressage Sporthorses have to say about Kingsley and TDR?

"We love that you get truly honest help with TDR. When designing a pair of boots or a fashion item, TDR has your specific lifestyle and needs in mind, and will help you not only find something you love, but something that is right for your needs and everyday life!"


Check out Dressage Sporthorses' website here!

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