Eliza Puttkamer-Banks

Eliza Puttkamer-Banks

Sponsored Trainer Highlight: Eliza Banks

Eliza Banks and her daughter, Paige

Eliza Banks, a Wisconsin native, her British husband Steve, and their daughter Paige, are currently based in NJ by way of England. Having grown up in the Midwest, Eliza has been involved with farming and horses her entire life from breeding and owning stallions, to training homebreds through the levels. Bank’s 20 acre farm, Trinity Dressage LLC, is home to three farm cats (“That own me” -Eliza), a newly acquired dog that someone dropped off to the farm, and a variety of horses of all shapes and sizes. Paige has become an integral part of the training business at Trinity Dressage over the last few years and is currently training her own horse as an eventer and fox hunter.

Eliza is a Bronze and Silver USDF Medalist, and an L* Judge. Her accolades include horse of the year awards, Adequan All Breed Awards, and more as a Young Horse competitor, and FEI rider, and trainer. Eliza had this to say about herself, Trinity Dressage, and their training philosophy:

“I am fiercely dedicated to education for myself and my students and am active in the USDF educational programs, have a passion for evaluating and developing horses in a way that helps them to be happy and healthy athletes, even when they may not be most riders’ first choice for the sport. I have an active training and instruction business here at my home farm (Trinity Dressage LLC) in Cream Ridge, NJ where we offer guidance for riders from across disciplines and bring the training pyramid to life through the adherence of correct basics for all riders and their horses.

We continue to offer an apprenticeship-like program that offers real experience and broad-based experience to young riders, and several of our apprentices have gone on to have successful careers in the business throughout the USA.  Integrity and honesty are the hallmarks of the training business I’ve built over the past 25 years, and as I continue to learn and grow myself, I am proud to continue to be a transparent and supportive coach to our entire Trinity Dressage Family.”

Eliza Banks Riding

In addition to owning and operating Trinity Dressage, Eliza proudly serves as a trustee of the Horse Park of NJ, and the State of NJ’s Equine Advisory Board for almost as long as she’s lived in NJ. She is an active member of the Monmouth County Hunt and continues to strive to preserve the heritage of the NJ horse industry. 

“Coming from a long line of farmers, I’m proud to be a horseman and farmer in NJ and am passionate about supporting the Agriculture Industry in the state. I always look for ways to help build awareness and understanding of the vital role the Equine Industry serves here in NJ. My Grandfather always said that you cannot complain about something if you aren’t willing to do something to fix it, and that is something that I hope to teach my daughter about dressage… about business… about civic responsibility and about life.”


 What you like about TDR/Kingsley?

“I have been a Kingsley fan from the very beginning, and when The Distinguished Rider and Marissa became the go-to pros for our area I have been very proud to represent not only the Kingsley brand, but the TDR one as well. The options, sizing flexibility and online design module are only the beginning – the full range of products now offered by the brand is outstanding, but still runs a close second to the amazing customer service and support that Marissa and her team offer to both myself and my clients.

I could not be more proud to ride and represent a brand like TDR, and I’m really excited about how the range of products continues to expand as the TDR brand grows. In this extraordinary world of brand sponsorship and ambassadorship, I’m very careful to represent brands that I truly believe in and that are aligned with the core values of quality, integrity and honesty, and TDR is a perfect match for how I want to be represented and what I choose to represent. I believe a rider’s boots can be as important a piece of equipment as a saddle, and I’m proud to have Kingsley to recommend to all riders to try to find the next rung in their ladder of success.”

What boot(s) you are riding in currently?

Eliza currently owns 4 pairs of Kingsley Capris, 2 pairs of Kingsley Londons, a pair of Kingsley Denver, as well as 2 pairs of Kingsley Amsterdams, and a pair of Kingsley Oslos. Her daughter Paige rides in two pairs of Kingsley Aspen Dress Boots.

Eliza Banks Boots

Eliza says: “We have a very active show season planned with horses showing through the levels with national goals as well as a wide range of students in dressage, western dressage, eventing and even showjumping that we are so excited to support and help succeed in their goals for the year! I have some amazing goals for our own horses, but I feel like it’s bad luck to mention them until the show entries are sent. . . .”


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