Kim Iwen

Kim Iwen

Sponsored Trainer Highlight: Iwen Dressage

Kim Iwen of Iwen Dressage is a skilled trainer of all stages of dressage horse development. She has created many FEI horses in her over 40-year career. Kim has her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals, all earned on self-trained horses. In addition to competition riding, she enjoys coaching riders of all levels from amateurs to professionals. Her systematic approach to training and her commitment to correct training of horse and rider have assisted several of her students to earn USDF medals and to go on to achieve regional and national awards. 

She is excited to show "Weltina", an 8 year old Hannoverian/Thoroughbred cross mare owned by Kirk and Carolyn Fishbaugh. Only few years into their partnership, Kim and the US bred mare will show in the Prix St. George and I-I in the upcoming season.

She says: 
"I LOVE Kingsley boots! I've had custom boots since I was a kid - Denher, then Koenig. Jessica does such a top notch job measuring that I could've gone down centerline the first time I put my show boots on. NEVER have I had that happen before!"

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