Kingsley Aspen

Kingsley Aspen

Boot Model Highlight: Kingsley Aspen

The Kingsley Aspen is considered a versatile boot - fit for any ring! The Kingsley Aspen 01 (dress boot) and 02 (field boot) models are plain boots that can be made in any of 9 Aspen colors with a crown logo color of choice and a black or brown heel - in the case of the 02 model, you can also select the lace color. This boot costs $705 + shipping.

The Kingsley Aspen 01 Special (dress boot) and Kingsley Aspen 02 Special (field boot) allow for extra customization in the form of being able to change the top of the boot to a Jenny top or Aspen Special top in any of the special leathers Kingsley offers - as well as the choice of piping color. The Kingsley Aspen 02 Special also has the option to select a lace color. These Kingsley Aspen Special models have a special price of $720 + shipping for stock sizes, making it a beautiful option for a hunter/jumper, or a dressage rider! Stop purchasing an off the shelf boot and order your custom Kingsley Aspen today!

To purchase an in stock Kingsley Aspen, click here.

To inquire about purchasing your own custom Kingsley Aspen, click here.

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