Kingsley Orlando

Kingsley Orlando

Boot Model Highlight: Kingsley Orlando

(Pictured: TDR Sponsored Rider Kymmy Pullen's Gaucho Blue Kingsley Orlando 02 Boots with orange laces)

Do you want adjustability in the calf on a daily basis? Then a Kingsley Orlando might just be for you! This premium boot is a fully lace up model, giving riders adjustability in the calf - about 2cm of adjustment! We love these boots as a winter option for those who might have different calf sizes depending on how thick their additional layers (winter breeches and socks) might be. Tighten or loosen your laces depending on your desired fit that day! This boot starts at a base price of $1,100.

This model comes in two versions - the Orlando 01 is an all-purpose, back zippered boot with two zipper protectors, and comes with no reinforcement. The Orlando 02 is styled for dressage riders with an inside zipper, top zipper protector, and no reinforcement. This boot comes with a narrow cut/"skinny" ankle. Like all premium Kingsley boot models, there are the following customization options with this boot:

  • Fully customizable with our premium leathers/top styles/adornments
  • Can be made with the reinforced/hard outside
  • Can be made with high dressage/Spanish bow
  • Elastic available
  • Sheepskin lining available
  • Vibram sole

The Orlando has three additional customization options:

  • This is the ONLY Kingsley model that can be made WITHOUT zippers.
  • Can be made with a polo strap on the top (like the London 01) (snap or buckle available)
  • Can be made with grommets or with eyelets for the laces.

We would like to note that: Due to the added hardware on the instep (laces and grommets), this boot may not be suitable for someone with a high arch/instep.

In addition to the customization options above, riders can also customize the color of the laces, and purchase other laces in additional colors! This is a great way to add further customization - coordinate your laces to match your outfits! Or pick your favorite laces color and utilize them daily! 

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