Linzy Closs

Linzy Closs

TDR Employee Highlight: Linzy Closs

Linzy - Meet the Team

Linzy Closs is the Director of Marketing at The Distinguished Rider! She joined the team in March 2022. From social media to email marketing, Linzy works hand in hand with Marissa brainstorming, designing, and creating digtal content. If you message TDR on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, you might be talking to Linzy! (Note: To reach Marissa directly, you can email

Linzy is an adult amateur dressage rider currently showing Second and Third Level on her own Thoroughbred Gelding, Orion, and on a friend's German Warmblood & Schoolmaster, Westerwald. She trains with Tine Zinglersen of Danish Dressage (based in Rhinebeck, NY). Growing up, Linzy was a western rider and who found a passion for dressage during her undergrad years at Cazenovia College. In addition to being on the college's Equestrian Team (and a captain during the 2020 season), she studied abroad in Canterbury, England, participated in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World, and was the President of the Equine Ambassador's Club. In 2019, Linzy placed 4th in her division in the USDF/IDA Quiz Challenge at the Intercollegiate Dressage Association National Championships.

Linzy graduated from Cazenovia College in 2020 with a Bachelor Degree in Management with a Specialization in Equine Business Management and Minors in Marketing and Biology. Linzy finished her MBA degree from Clarkson University in May of 2022, a few months after joining the TDR team!

Fun Fact #1: Linzy worked from March 2022 - November 2022 as a Digital Marketing Intern for the Equine Network! She currently assists Christian Lowe Leather Care with social media management and US Distribution. 

Fun Fact #2: Including Orion, Linzy and her family also own three dogs (Patsy, Apollo, Koda), two cats (Iris and Thea), and a ball python (Persphone)!

TDR's Linzy Riding her Friend's mare, chloee


What does Linzy love about The Distinguished Rider? 

Linzy loves being able to work with a team of strong, independent women! The integrity and professionalism of the TDR team are what drove her towards TDR when she first bought her own pair of Kingsleys, and she is so happy to now be a member of that same team!

"The Distinguished Rider's mission to be able to provide comfortable and gorgeous footwear to all equestrians is something I stand behind. I love to be just a small part in making every equestrian's boot dreams come true!" 

What does Linzy have to say about digital marketing in the equestrian industry?

"All equestrian businesses should take time to build their brands in the digital space. In today's society where information can be obtained as quickly as you can type a query into a search bar, it is important that your values and ideals as a business are at the forefront. Think about social media as a storefront. What do you have in the front windows that might entice a customer to come inside? If you google or search for your business on social media, do you like what you see and what people are saying?" 

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