Paxson Leather (Black)

Paxson Leather (Black)

Leather Highlight: Paxson Black

The Distinguished Rider's go-to leather for everyday riding and training is the Paxson leather. This leather is hearty, well-wearing, and has a beautiful texture. Great for those who ride multiple horses in a day, walk and teach in their boots, and/or do chores in their boots (which we do not recommend). If you must do chores in your boots, we recommend you do your chores in your Paxson leather boots!

We are so excited to introduce this leather in the color BLACK! In addition to black, this leather comes in the following colors: Penny, Camel, Chestnut, Cedar, Oat, Green, Petrol, Blue, and Grey (pictured in order from left to right).

For cleaning this leather, we recommend using Christian Lowe Liquid Saddle Soap! The liquid consistency helps the product reach into the small crevices in the leather to ensure all dirt and grime is removed. It is sure to keep your Paxson leather looking clean and beautiful for years to come! 

Check out the Paxson leather colors below!

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