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QHP Boots

Boot Model Highlight: QHP Boots

QHP Boot Models at TDR

The QHP brand is distributed together with the brand PresTeq and various private label brands by the wholesaler Brands of Q bv from the Netherlands. Since 2005, QHP has offered an extensive range of products for both horses and riders. Learn more about QHP on their website.

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Pros of QHP

The price point - QHP is an excellent starter boot for riders on a budget.

The elastic stretch panel - All QHP models have an elastic stretch panel which allows for some adjustability in the calf size.

Cons of QHP 

Limited sizing - QHP only has a one height for each foot size, and either a regular or wide calf. Heel raisers and the elastic panel allow for a small amount of adjustability, but the limited sizes means these boots are not an option for every rider.

No customization - QHP only offers boots as they are (with the exception of the Sasha with it's interchangeable tops). If you don't have a black boot, QHP boots are not for you.

Looking for a budget friendly custom boot? Ask us about Chester Boots OR the Kingsley Aspen and Kingsley Lexington!


QHP Boot Models

QHP Dorah at TDR


The QHP Dorah is a stunning polo-style boot. The medium-soft black boot has a front zipper with a patent toe and a patent strap at the top of the boot. The medium-high bow of the boot is decorated with rhinestones. No matter if you are schooling at home or riding down centerline, these boots are sure to stand out. 

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The QHP Yuna is a dressage-style boot with a soft exterior for the ultimate comfort and feel. The high dressage bow features glitter and patent piping. This boot features an inside front zipper with a top zipper protector.

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The QHP Hailey is a lace-up black boot with glitter accents and patent piping. In addition to the laces, this boot also features an elastic insert for further adjustability. For a rider who wants a pair of lace-up boots, this is a great option!

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The QHP Sasha is adjustable to your style! This black field boot comes with a glitter accented top but additional tops can be purchased. Want to school with a pop of color like a red croc leather, but show with a black glitter accent? This boot offers quick and easy style changes. However, the foot is narrower than other QHP models.

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