Stephanie Mason

Stephanie Mason

Sponsored Trainer Highlight: Stephanie Mason

Stephanie began riding at 3 years old on her grandmother's farm in Southampton, NJ. At the time, she rode whatever discipline she could including Western and English (on the flat and jumping). She was an avid 4-H'er that continued to ride and train unbroken horses throughout high school and into her college career. Stephanie earned two Bachelor's Degrees in Historical Studies and Education from Stockton College. After graduating from college in 2009, she taught private school for four years before having her first child. It was after this that she decided to go back into the equestrian industry full time.

Stephanie got her first Thoroughbred in 2004 who was not on the track, but was unbroken at the time. She continued on to restart an OTTB who she trained to First Level. This was followed by a draft cross which she found at an auction and took to First and Second Level, getting her first four out of six scores needed for her USDF Bronze Medal.

Over the years, Stephanie has trained with Nicola Serge, and continues to do so. In 2013, she took a KWPM by the name of Obelix and got her last two USDF Bronze Medal scores, as well as her Silver Medal and two scores towards her Gold Medal. During this time, Stephanie also went through the USDF L Program to become a licensed dressage judge. She graduated the program in 2016 with distinction. Stephanie has since completed the score and competition requirements needed to move on to the USEF "r" program.

Stephanie's 90 acre farm in Westampton, NJ (SLM Dressage) has an outdoor arena where she hosts USEF/USDF shows as well as schooling shows. Her current program is home to many clients. In addition to training daily herself and teaching, she enjoys having opportunities to work with other professionals within the industry to expand her knowledge and skills. Stephanie judges local schooling shows in the tri-state area and looks forward to enrolling in the USEF "r" program in the near future!

Stephanie rides in a Kingsley Olbia 01! She had this to say about The Distinguished Rider and Kingsley: "Fabulous footwear with fancy footbeds allows for a full day training with fancy horses!"

Stephanie is having a boot party on August 13th, 2022 at SLM Dressage!

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