Christian Lowe Leather Care Zipper Glide

Christian Lowe Leather Care Zipper Glide

Product Highlight: CLLC Zipper Glide


Caught zipper ever got you down? Christian Lowe Leather Care's Zipper Glide can help sustain and extend the life of your zippers! 

The Distinguished Rider recommends putting CLLC's Zipper Glide on before putting your boots on for the first time, and then periodically thereafter.

To apply: Using the convenient tube applicator, apply a thin coat along your zippers.

Christian Lowe Leather Care is handcrafted by saddler Christian Lowe in Northern Ontario, Canada. These all natural products are made in small batches to ensure quality in every batch. The Distinguished Rider is proud to support CLLC as the US Distributor for Christian Lowe Leather Care. We recommend CLLC for all your leather-based products, as well as for your equine laundry (check out the Safe Bleach and Detergents!!)! From Patent Cleaner to Zipper Glide, there is something for everyone. 

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