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Design Your Own - Kingsley Texana Cowboy Boot

Design Your Own - Kingsley Texana Cowboy Boot

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Design your own boot as unique as you! 

The Kingsley Texana is a chic, cowboy boot! Get the same leather and textile options as a Kingsley tall boot but for western riders. Whether you're trail riding, running a barrel pattern, or riding down the rail, the Kingsley Texana is perfect for any western rider to complete a custom look.


The quoted price is the BASE price of a plain boot in a stock size. When extra design features are added and/or the sizing is modified, the price of the boot might increase. 

Please note that not all textiles/leathers are appropriate for areas of high abrasion or daily use. Please contact us with any questions about which options are suitable for you.  Fabric, for example, is inappropriate to use on areas of the boot that will come into contact with organic material, such as footing.  

Due to the highly individualized nature of this product, custom configurations are INELIGIBLE for exchange/return/refunds. We guarantee that all boots will be produced to the measurements entered into the configuration tool. We cannot guarantee, however, that those measurements will fit YOU! For a guaranteed fit, please be sure to schedule an in-person or virtual fitting :)

Please allow up to 6 weeks for production and delivery.

Use code "CONFIG" at checkout for free shipping! (Offer only valid for use on products made in the configurator)

How to use the configurator:

  1. Hit the "Configure" button above. (Do not select the "Add to Cart" Button as that will not allow you to design your boot and select the sizing)
  2. Design your boot (the model you have selected is the "Texana") 
  3. When finished designing, enter the measurements you have received from TDR into the "Measures" section (see disclaimer above about measurements).
  4. Select "Order" on the top of the page.
  5. Pay for your boot! You can pay for the full price of the boot, or pay in installments! 
  6. Wait for our email communication stating we have received your order, and what the next steps are! 
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