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Kingsley Orlando 02 Dressage Boot (39/MA/M)

Kingsley Orlando 02 Dressage Boot (39/MA/M)

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Nature mel base with fuscia stitching, laces, and stones.  This boot features a hard outside and a high Spanish top.

Note: For this boot we recommend the Starter Leather Care Kit or the Deluxe Leather Care Kit.

Foot: EU 39/US 8

Height: Medium Alta/47 cm

Calf: Medium/35.8 cm

The Orlando 02 is generally used as a dressage boot.  There is a zipper on the inside and laces in the front.  The laces enable precise adjustment to nearly every calf size, and the ankle cut is wider.  The boot is completely customizable and available in half sizes 35–46. Sheepskin lining option available.  

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