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DeNiro Tintoretto (40/MA/S)

DeNiro Tintoretto (40/MA/S)

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*The left and the right boots will ship SEPARATELY!*

Description: The DeNiro Tintoretto model is a fully lace-up model with a tapered ankle, reinforced (hard) outside, high bow, and inside front zipper with a zip protector. This Tintoretto features a WRAT anthracite base, greta gray backstripe and zip protector, greta gray heel, E9 toecap in greta gray with strip of SW nut, G34 capinera top in greta gray and SW nut, black eyelets and laces, and black sole.

Size: 40/MA/S - Click HERE to see the DeNiro size chart

Suitable for: Regular riding, clinics, and shows

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