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Novella GLIMMER Snaffle Belt

Novella GLIMMER Snaffle Belt

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The Novella Glimmer Snaffle Belt (1.5 in width) features an etched gold snaffle with the Novella logo to match every one of your Novella styles. This piece really ties your entire Novella look together! The elastic is 1.5 inches wide for great support and stunning finished look. The Pink version is glimmery all over and the Glimmer Black Beauty features two lines of glimmer on matte black.

Like our sun-shirts, this belt adapts to your body's changes and adjusts from 22 - 38 inches in the waist with enough structure to keep your breeches tailored and secure but provides enough give where you don't feel restricted. 

True to size but adapts to your body’s changes - this belt gives you a perfect fit every time. Available in Glimmer Pink & Glimmer Black Beauty.

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