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  • The Distinguished Rider Welcomes QHP, Chester Boots

    We will continue to provide excellent customer service and boot education for all clients with Kingsley, Chester Boots, and QHP. We hope that these additional brands will allow us to cater to a wider variety of equestrians, so that every equestrian can find their dream pair of boots. 

  • Kingsley Montreal Jumping Boot

    This is a boot for all of our hunter and jumper friends! Available as a field boot or a dress boot, the Kingsley Montreal is specifically designed for jumping with a special rubber grip sole. These boots come standard with spur rests, a back zipper, top and bottom zipper protectors, and elastic. 
  • Kingsley Orlando

    The Kingsley Orlando is an amazing model for those who want a full lace-up boot! With up to 2cm in calf adjustability, it is definitely one of our favorites for those whose calves might fluctuate in size, or who might wear a variety of breeches and socks (think: winter weather)! Read all about the Kingsley Orlando now!
  • Kingsley Lexington

    Introducing the newest to the Kingsley line of tall boots! For under $1K get a custom dressage boot and show off your favorite Kingsley leathers and textiles. Perfect for any dressage queen, and for equestrians anywhere!
  • Kingsley Aspen

    The Kingsley Aspen is a gorgeous boot for any equestrian! Read more about the Aspen's options and price here!